Episode 24 – Invite


I first heard of Invite 8 years ago or so, through my friend Seba Lecompte, resident at the infamous Decadance club in Ghent. A club where I had spent so many hours mixing records it became ridiculous.

Back in those days, Seba and his crew threw pretty famous parties called Soundattack. I had the pleasure to be part of one of those parties. Good times! That’s also where Invite first hit Belgium, if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, Invite or Tim Van Paradijs (such a beautiful name, I would make it my artist name), has been a regular on the scene and is nowadays very active as a podcast-blogger with his Invite’s choice series. He brings together all artists that are ‘happening’, his podcast is basically ‘where it’s at’. Check it!


Oscar Mulero – Black Propaganda
ESHU – mm
Cristian Vogel – Deconstructructions
Dean Cole – Time
Deepchild – Rage
Ed Davenport – Somewhere (Roman Lindau Remix)
Kangding Ray – Isib
Rhea – Nectar
Truncate – Diffraction (Markus Suckut Remix)
Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Lucy Remix 2)
#.4.26. – Morfon
Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Developer — Dirty Drive (Shifted Remix)
Phase – Binary Opposition (Peter van Hoesen Remix)
Error Etica – Penicilin (Agony Forces Remix)
Oscar Mulero – Reverberation
Surgeon – Prowler

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