Lodged EP

This week brings us the second chapter in the 8 EP long rant. The Lodged EP is a three tracker with attitude.

The title track is a low-fi, thumping step tune with sharp and sizzling snares and a background scape that could be set in a mad maxian world of metal pollution. Not your everyday tune, to say the least.

Lodged gets a severe reconstruction by Sagat who has understood the finesse of the tune and enlarged it by several degrees. This dub influenced post-techno track is full of gloom because of the strange quantizations that occur throughout the track. Inspirational!

Last but not least is the floorfiller ‘Ceizo’ which is described by the poeple over at subsekt as “a fucking leviathan with a break your neck clap and messed-up bass – it’s a new favourite.” Ceizo will do damage. Period.

All tracks and EP’s are the digital side of the “Nobody climbs these stairs without expecting something disturbing” story.

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