RASA01 out as of today + Subsekt radio show confirmation


As Radio RdF is put on hiatus, it’s obvious my site doesn’t get as frequent update70508abigs anymore. But I do have some bits to share, dear reader.

Today is the official release date of my Doubt ep on Belgian label Ante-Rasa. It’s a vinyl only release and you can get it from all good online shops or vinyl shops worth the name. It’s been a real pleasure working together with Rednox, Lakker and Stanislav Tolkachev!

The people from the29nov films have come up with a video for Stanislav’s remix. Very grainy, very acidy which goes well with the track.

You can also read a nice review about it on the Subsekt site. They also asked me to have a folluw-up dj set for their radio show. Should be aired the end of May.

Cheers for now!




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Sound clips RASA01

I’m proud to present the sound clips for my vinyl release for Ante-Rasa!

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2013 was far from a bad year. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of my peers whom I respect a lot. Radio RdF saw some excellent episodes because of that. But unfortunately I can’t keep up with the pace. I’m forced to put Radio RdF on hiatus. I’m just one man doing this more and more on the side and I can’t guarantee the same level anymore. There are plenty of other audioblogs out there that can cater your needs: Surgeon on Rinse FMMantis Radio, Secret Thirteen, BRAWLcast, Subsekt, Invite’s choice, Electronic Explorations, … I could go on.

Perhaps I will pick it up again at some point or have some episode few and far between. Time will tell.

I would like to thank all people involved: the artists who were willing to spend a lot of time and energy into making their episode and you, the listener.

2014 still looks very promising. Even more then 2013 if I’m honest. You will see quite a few releases out there on both digital and vinyl format. New stuff will come out on Singularity, Subsist and Ante-Rasa coming winter and spring.

Also I will continue working on a new project together with Derlich and I have a new moniker that has some releases confirmed. 

Of course I wish you and yours a healthy and wonderful 2014!

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Roebin de Freitas – Dogma nr.2 (Digital Disortions)


It has been pretty quiet on the release front for quite a while now, besides the track I have made for the ‘Institüt für Zukunft’ crowdfunding campaign called ‘New Ground’.

So I’m very glad to be able to announce this (free) release that has come out today on British imprint ‘Digital Distortions’, a label I have been fond of for a couple of years. If dig deep into this sites archives you will see tracks from Cursor Miner, Ion Driver, Blackmass Plastics, T-Polar or even Radio RdF contributors Charlton and Black Smith Craft.

As the label name suggests, it’s a distorted affair. 5 tracks of sonic rape. If there ever is a context in which rape should have a positive meaning, this is it. Maybe not my best play on words considering how a police chief views rape in India.

I do feel the need to digress on one of the tracks. Dogma nr.2/The Kick is the continuation of the work I have put in on my third album from last year.

When I was asked to perform live at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent, I really wanted to add the vibe of the original ‘Doubt pt2/Is of Importance (Dogma nr.1)’ track but felt the track needed some serious reworking. In the end I was very satisfied by it and have used that recording for this release after giving it a final brushing. Besides that the release consists of 4 other rattling and rumbling tracks.

This Sunday I will be playing a dj set for Digital Distortions radio show called BRAWLcast to promote the release. The Show is on at 23:00 and I will be playing during the whole two hours long slot. I plan on playing all tracks from this release. The show will be archived and downloadable for your smartphone/mp3thingie pleasure.

That is all.


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This month brings us another international guest, Spain to be more precise. Since the turn of the century Spain has been put on the map by artists like Oscar Mulero, Cristian Varela, Christian Wünsch, Exium and Reeko.

Snap-9A, artist name of David Noir, has been active under the radar for a while now. He also runs free netlabel Digital Garden Records. Be sure to check those releases out.

What David brings to the table sits perfectly in what we could even name the Spanish school of techno.


Oscar Mulero – Pria
Snap-9A – Alien Seas
Mark Broom – Two (Syntax Interpretation)
Roebin de Freitas- Torenhoog
Ed Chamberlain – Place
Delta Funktionen – Challenger
Kwartz – Deviation (Snap-9A Remix)
Reeko – Passage#17.4
Orphx – Outcast
Jonas Kopp – Reject
Impact Unit – Tremor
Exium – Nucleoid
Snap-9A – Tempus Fugit (Snap-9A After mix)
Function – Incubation Prologue
Goldwine – Cupcake War
Abstract Division – Fierce Tension
Kwartz – Collapse process
Gary Beck – Rascal
David Reina – Rotor
Raúl Díez – Fear in the distance (N.A.M. remix)
RadioNasty – Heisenberg
Robert Hood – Drive (The Age Of Automation) (Ø [Phase] C-Box Mix)
David Reina – Serious Behaviour (Alexander D aniel Aditional B)
Cosmin TRG – Vertigo
Holden – Gone Feral
ASC – Sonic Assault (Kangding Ray RMX)
Oscar Mulero – Disinformation (Xhin Remix)
Surgeon – As You Breathe Here Now
Paul Mac – Resident Problem (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)
Snap-9A – True Story
Infinity Plus One – Rhymtaic Unison
Snap-9A – Foneis Tou Kosmou
Paula Temple – Cloned
AnD – Making Circles
TWR72 – Stefan
Zair – Carbonate Calcium Crystals (Snap-9A rmx)
Pfirter – Ahora
Clouds – Chained To A Dead Camel
Doryk – Project Zero
Spherical Coordinates – SCXFG-21
Mark Broom – Cell Block
Cherry Bomb – a drift
Regis – Guiltless
RadioNasty – I Had To Spank You (Ben Sims Tough Mix)
Subjected – SD1
°Lex Gorecore° – Tears Of Innovation
Takaaki Itoh – Slicer
Structural Form – here is my will
Snap-9A – Prophetia (El BoscoRemix)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Remember (Surgeon Remix)

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Episode 40 – Prime


The 40th episode of your beloved Radio RdF is handmade by Prime, a close friend. Let that not deceive you, this is no  Prime blends trademark mixes that come from 15 years of following the music scene. He admits being influenced the most by the techno from around the turn of the century being a having fan of Shufflemaster, Surgeon and Regis.

Enjoy the flow!


1. Fumiya Tanaka – Move ep ( Torema )

2. Regis – Backwards Man ( Downwords )

3. Eidolon – Untitled ( We are )

4. Female – Cally 2 ( Sandwell District )

5. Female – Advanced Bossa Rmx ( RSB )

6. Blawan – His, he,  she & she ( Hinge Finger )

7. Scan 7 – Dark Territory ( Tresor )

8. Darkman  – True stories ( Proper )

9. Ugandan speed trials – Untitled ( DN )

10. Darqwan – Said the spider, Surgeon rmx ( Texture )

11. Blawan – Long distance open water worker ( Black sun )

12. British murder boys – Father loves us (Counterbalance )

13. Brother’s yard – Moskito ( Abiotic )

14. Phase – At First light ( Token )

15. Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty – Desseau ( Cloned )

16. Shufflemaster – Soul survivor ( Theory )

17. Fumiya Tanaka – Unknown possibility ( Torema )

18. Exium –

19. Steve Bicknell – Lost recordings 3 ( Cosmic )

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BETON – a heavy load to bear


Together with some friends of mine I’m throwing a party in the Belgian countryside not that far from Brussels. We thought it’d be nice to have the locals being invaded by dark and obscure techno music in all its variations.

The cream of the crop of Belgian artists in this particular field will be there. You can see for yourselves HERE.

I have brewed this dj set to demonstrate the spectrum of sounds BETON stands for. To be honest, it would need to be double the length to let all the material shine through. Especially the whole deeper, dubby, ambient, Basic Channel side of techno is severely lacking. But let’s leave room for some future recordings, shall we.


Mørklys – r70i

Derlich – Triangulation/Casual Violence remix

Peter Van Hoesen – Admonition

Dino Sabatini – Ritual

Roebin de Freitas – Twitch

Mr.Mau – Black

Derlich – Trangulation

Shxcxchcxsh – Lttlwlf

Jeroen Liebregts – Keychain

Drvg Cvltvre – Hermes Russia

Akkord – Renewal

Derlich – Zert

Shxcxchcxsh – Xxzccczxxxx

Autechre – Laughing Quarter/RdF edit

Recondite – Unterholz

Ancient Methods – Untitled

Shxcxchcxsh – Lldtmps

Orphx – Outcast

Mørklys – Reprise

KCL Project – May 4 a Day

Najem Sworb – Milisecond Pulse

Xhin – Teeth

Neil Landstrumm – Yorkshire Cybernetic Steel

DJ Assault – You Can’t See Me

The Advent – Kombination True

Boris Noiz – Omniforma

Roebin de Freitas – Hatched Qtd21

Milanese – Caramel Cognac/RdF edit

Link – Augar

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